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Visible thread! What is it? Why do you need it? How can it help you transform your website into what you want?  If you have been seeking answers to these questions, we are glad that you bumped into this piece.  The piece will, in details, explain what visible thread is, mention its benefits and also show you how you can use it to propel your online business to new echelons. 


What Is It?


Visible Thread is a tool that helps website owners and SEO experts simplify the language used in websites to make it of high quality and more clearer. In simple terms, the visible thread is the tool that you need to improve the readability of the information (read content) you put on your site.


Benefits of Visible Thread


If you think that visible thread will only help you make your content readable, think again. This tool comes with many benefits. Therefore, the benefits mentioned below are just a tip of the iceberg. There are more. Here are some of its benefits:


1.    Helps A Website Rank Highly In Search Engine


Content is everything. However, this does not mean that you should write content just for the sake of it. No! The content you put on your website should offer value and should be of high quality. How do you do this? The answer is simple: Use a readability tool (Visible thread) when writing your content. This will make your content clear and of high quality, which will, in turn, help you rank among the top sites in search engines. 


2.    Help You Avoid Keyword Stuffing


Yes, keywords can help your website perform well in search engines, but this does not mean you should overdo it.  The number of your keywords should be right. Regrettably, keyword stuffing is still a common trend, and the bad thing is that most website owners don't realize it. If you use a readability tool, you will be sure that the number of your keyword id right. You will also be able to place your keywords strategically in a way that search engine will understand it easily and quickly. You can learn more at


3.    Help You Avoid Passive Voice


If you use too much passive voice when writing, you will turn your content into a complex piece. Due to the overly complicated language that comes as a result of using too much passive voice search engines will have a difficult time reading your content, which will, in turn, make your website rank lower on search engines. Want to know how to improve your website's readability? Watch this video: